Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pinterest Moment

Today day when I was flipping through a spanish magazine called ENCASA, not reading mind you, but flipping!
 I came across this step by step picture in true Pinterest Style.
I kinda liked it so I thought I´d share it with you. 

Because I can not Pin it, 
I scanned it, cropped it and uploaded it….
What did we do before Pinterest?

The quality is a bit grainy because of the many edits it´s been through but you get the idea, right?

It´s in an Spanish magazine, and because you do not 
understand, speak or read Spanish you do not look at them. 
I am ( almost ) the same as you.
But because it´s what I see in the shops I buy them anyway. 
And then go to their website and look at the pictures which you then of course can PIN.

Maybe if you look at  ENCASA  you will find this picture and you can hit the pin button, just like that!

Or PIN this one right here….

Another route you can follow is to go to here and REPIN
( yes, I had to publish this post, pin it myself to link you to my Pinterest page and then update this post)

Or just follow me here
I love to have you over and start sharing and REPIN with you!

Now about this orange peel rose? What do you think?
I think it looks kinda cute and I will try it myself, someday, like true Pinterest Style….


Friday, 15 February 2013

* Fashion Friday*

Here is a little bit of a color inspiration for you!

ton sur ton

ton sur ton van hibiscuschica

blue ton sur ton van hibiscuschica

Have a great weekend Chicas!


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Crochet Rug from T-shirts

The fun part of reorganizing my craft room is making these little projects from left overs that I just can not find a place for any more.
The weird thing is that I have saved all this stuff up to make projects with and now I am trying to find a place for them…… It is getting a bit ridicules to be organizing projects I want to make, some day?
Why not do it NOW?
The organizing is taking a so much more time like this but I feel the need to clean every thing out and make room for new ideas. I am a bit smothered with "old" ideas that never came to live.

So with the T-shirts I saved up I made this rug. It will return to my room but no longer is taking up space in a box. It is now going to be on the floor underneath the table, and add a bit of color to the room.

It took me 19 T-shirts and 3 nights to make this one. It´s just the simplest stitch there is and there is no special pattern for it. I just started with no plan of how big it was going to be. 
The colors are also very random and I cut up a T-shirt when I finished another. 
I started cutting at the bottom (took off the seem) and going a bit diagonal all the way up till the armpits.  It´s  an about 3 cm wide strip and pulled it and then rolled it into a ball. I just went with the new color as I would have if it was one "thread" so I used a needle and thread to fasten the loose ends underneath.
And used a hook which says 9.0 mm. ( but its from a china store, so it could be any size!)
It is a bit of hard work with the ones that were a bit old and stiff. So my thumb and index finger nails are a bit sore but I love how it turned out.  It´s heavy and sturdy.

I  still  have a few T-shirts left….

So started a new one. It´s gonna be made of 8 T-shirts so half as big as the other one but in my favorite color combination, pink and blue. 
I have a thing for this color combo, I don´t know why, I always want to touch it whenever I see it somewhere. And if I was all by myself I probably would have it everywhere! But I do not live by myself so…… Just this little rug in my room is going to have to do.
The sacrifices a girl has to make :-)

Do you have the same interior that you would have if you would be living alone?

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