Monday, 10 December 2012

Felt Slippers

I´ve made me some felt slippers!

I love how the turned out and it was really easy!
I have a bought pair similar to these but I was on the look out for some new ones, just incase.
I do like to have a back up of the stuff I like, and these slippers are my :
  "go to the toilet at midnight slippers"

Yes, I need to pee like three times at night people! 
( that makes sleeping over at friends a bit difficult, I tell ya)

The marble floors are FREEZING during the night and when I go to pee without my slippers I can not get to sleep when I get back in bed, times three.
So now you know why I need to have a back up pair.

It´s my first time working with felt and it is fun to do. 
I LOVE quick projects!
I do not have the patience for  projects that go on for days….I love the fact that you do not have to do something with the edges on a sewing machine and you do not need any other crazy expensive tools for this stuff.

 I ordered some different thicknesses and different colors just to check it out. 
I am currently OBSESSED with a bit of neon color so I choose some bright colors and some black and greys.
And this is what I came up with, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish. But if you are like me it will take a day :-)) Always doing three things at a time here. 
The pattern took a bit of time to figure out, but once I had it, it was pretty easy. I used the old slippers as a template.

I think I will make some more for guests that stay over. I am thinking: put their name on or the name of the house. And they can take them home after as a gift. 

NOW… I started this project out with some planning of taking pictures in the different stage to be sure I did not forget anything afterwards….and doing a sort of tutorial. 
So I took these for example:

When you are familiar with working with felt, you are probably smiling ( behind your hands…or not..)
Hahaha, I did when I started the cutting!
 No way I got the scissors through this stuff, the tool to make small holes was a total waist of space in this picture as well.

So I used these:

Yes. that is rust on that disc… one of the fun parts of living so close to the sea. I forgot I had this knife so did not protect it. But it has been dealt with, trust me!

And also preoccupied with taking photos I made a small mistake…. yes, you may smile again if you really need to…..out loud if need be :-)

I messed up people! I had NO intention of making them different…

Good thing is I use them to go pee in the middle of the night….

I still love them!

If you want to make them and trust me enough to help you out, let me know! I promise I will not confuse you with the left and right stuff.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A new look

This is the new look in the downstairs hallway.

I´ve had the little cabinet for YEARS, as a matter of fact, it was my very first thrift buy.
I bought it together with my first boy friend at a huge indoor thrift market in Rotterdam.
We had to carry it all the way with us in public transport with a stopover, and then walk with it.
It probably had just about every color there is in its life :-) 
After all these years it found a house where it fits perfectly

Just recently it looked like this

Here it is without its little marble top. 
The same marble we have on the floor through out the house.
It looks just about the same as the mirror used to look. 
The mirror came from a favorite store, Xenos in Holland.
I matched the cabinet with it.

Recently I am obsessed with chalk paint and with the color grey so these 2 are the first to get the new look.

On a photo technical note:
As I am practicing my photo taking skills.
 I have another shot to share. The only decent one among the 2000 or so I took….
Still not perfect but the color and sharpness FINALLY both right in the same shot….
I did not do to much to this one afterwards :-)

I got the birds via rebeccascapriochos

In the same hallway there is this little corner
Funny how this chair takes up so much attention is it?
This chair came with the house. It is a stunner, but far from comfy to be honest.
So in a perfect place here.

Leaving you with this shot, with a little more detail of the hallway with the "wall of fame" where my mum is slightly tilted, opposite the mirror.