Monday, 10 December 2012

Felt Slippers

I´ve made me some felt slippers!

I love how the turned out and it was really easy!
I have a bought pair similar to these but I was on the look out for some new ones, just incase.
I do like to have a back up of the stuff I like, and these slippers are my :
  "go to the toilet at midnight slippers"

Yes, I need to pee like three times at night people! 
( that makes sleeping over at friends a bit difficult, I tell ya)

The marble floors are FREEZING during the night and when I go to pee without my slippers I can not get to sleep when I get back in bed, times three.
So now you know why I need to have a back up pair.

It´s my first time working with felt and it is fun to do. 
I LOVE quick projects!
I do not have the patience for  projects that go on for days….I love the fact that you do not have to do something with the edges on a sewing machine and you do not need any other crazy expensive tools for this stuff.

 I ordered some different thicknesses and different colors just to check it out. 
I am currently OBSESSED with a bit of neon color so I choose some bright colors and some black and greys.
And this is what I came up with, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish. But if you are like me it will take a day :-)) Always doing three things at a time here. 
The pattern took a bit of time to figure out, but once I had it, it was pretty easy. I used the old slippers as a template.

I think I will make some more for guests that stay over. I am thinking: put their name on or the name of the house. And they can take them home after as a gift. 

NOW… I started this project out with some planning of taking pictures in the different stage to be sure I did not forget anything afterwards….and doing a sort of tutorial. 
So I took these for example:

When you are familiar with working with felt, you are probably smiling ( behind your hands…or not..)
Hahaha, I did when I started the cutting!
 No way I got the scissors through this stuff, the tool to make small holes was a total waist of space in this picture as well.

So I used these:

Yes. that is rust on that disc… one of the fun parts of living so close to the sea. I forgot I had this knife so did not protect it. But it has been dealt with, trust me!

And also preoccupied with taking photos I made a small mistake…. yes, you may smile again if you really need to…..out loud if need be :-)

I messed up people! I had NO intention of making them different…

Good thing is I use them to go pee in the middle of the night….

I still love them!

If you want to make them and trust me enough to help you out, let me know! I promise I will not confuse you with the left and right stuff.


  1. I really, really like them! And no, you did not mess up - they are way cooler like that! By the way, do you have a twitter? I tweeted about this post to get you some followers =) And maybe you want to link up your tutorial here:


    1. Thank You! I did link up to your post, cute stuff you got there! Sorry, no Twitter for me…yet

  2. I agree with Anja, really cool individualistic felt slippers there!

    I also love working with felt, it's so rewarding, it feels really nice to handsew it and it makes up really fast! I have an ongoing felt project on my secret work tray, I hope I can show it off soon too..!

    1. It was my first try at this and I like it a lot. Now just have to come with stuff that feel right for summer. Good luck on your secret project! :-))

  3. I love the fact that they are different - that's something you'd never find in a shop and looks really sweet!

    1. Thank you Suki! Sometimes it works out if you make a mistake :-))