Saturday, 8 June 2013

Jeans Bracelets

I made some bracelets with leftover jeans fabric and anything I could find basically. Still hanging on to my bright colors for the summer I started to roll up a piece of jeans an wrapping some colors around it.

I made some step by step pictures with one of them, here is what you need:

Some colored threads any type will do, wool, embroidery thread, cotton. 
Metal wire if you like.
Little beads to decorate with and a bigger one to close it. But buttons are really nice too.
Plastic thread for the smaller beads.
Needle, metal ring and pliers.

Start by rolling the jeans up and secure it by wrapping it with one of your threads. Depending on the jeans it will still be flexible. I used the metal wire and some blue to wrap around. Sew the beads with the plastic thread. I used a bigger bead as a closer, made a little loop to go over it. The bead is connected so the loop will stay over it, my mum used to call it  "button on a stick" that means there is still some room underneath the bead. If that makes any sense to you…

And then made a little tassel to jazz it up a bit like so:

The tighter you pull it in the middle the better, depending on the type of thread you use you can pull to hard and weaken it, or break it. Not that this happened  to me, like 4 times. If you use embroidery thread you can brush it with a comb to make it more fluffy! Use a small ring to connect the tassel, mine is on the loop.

And then you end up with something like this.

As usual I like it to look chunky and not to machine made

There you have it, Recycle is the word!!

Wishing you all a " Gappy " weekend Chicas! ( that´s spanglish for Happy )


PS.  my photo editing skills are finally improving as well!
and I am making notes too ;-)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

5 Minute Ring

Rings made from metal wire and buttons.

These are not made to stay with you for ever and ever, but they are fun to make and you can make them fit any outfit you have.

All done in 5 minutes

Look for some button combinations that you like with two button holes

Wrap some metal wire around a, let´s say a watercolor brush, but you can use anything you have that fits your size

Leave enough to wrap around the ring shape and pull it tight

Slide the buttons over the extra wire and these ends around a pincer

Make sure the buttons are secure but don´t pull it to tight……
With mother of pearl you need to be a bit more careful!

Experiment  with different ways to secure the buttons
Or use some beads.
I tried to give it some more color with adding nail polish to the metal.

Again these are not gonna last forever! 
But they are so easy to make and all done in 5 minutes.

Have fun Chicas!

Carol XX

I love to hear from you and let me know what you think!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


My dear old cat Lucky has a new bed!

She needed a new spot to hang out during the day now the sun is back. 
So I made her this cute little bed out of a fruit crate.
Painted it grey, stamped it and added handles.
Gave it some feet made from drawer knobs and made a little mattress and pillow,
all washable.

She hopped right in and started grooming, a good sign!


Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 22 March 2013

* Fashion Friday *

holland america line   

I bought this  simple sweater today for more then one reason

1. Love the color
2. Love the sweater style

2 reasons that attracted me to it, but on a closer inspection it has a sentimental reason.
The text on it: Holland America Line on top
and Rotterdam Amsterdam on the bottom

Many, many years ago my mother, father and brother left Holland, Rotterdam with this Ocean Liner on a trip to Australia. It took them about 6 weeks to get there, my brother was 2 years old.
My parents started a new adventure on the other side of the world.
7 years later I was born.
Yes, I was born in Australia, in a small town called Whyalla, Adelaide the closest big city a day traveling away.
2 years after I was born my Mum, brother and me headed back to Rotterdam with this same Ocean liner.
My dad took an airplane back to get back early to get everything organized.
My father got homesick and wanted to get back.
I know absolutely nothing about this trip but this sweater is a big part of my family history
and I just had to have it!

Have a FABULOUS weekend Chicas!

Friday, 15 March 2013

*Fashion Friday*

see a bit more of this here

In  the light of the Craft Challenge over at Craftbotic
I started a little project that I had on my mind for a while now.

But although it is not the same as one of the contesters PJ from Planned in Pencil 
It has the same starting point….Part of an old pair of jeans

So started to look for something else and turned to internet for inspiration.

And lately starting to wonder about this, maybe it´s time I start with looking everywhere BUT internet.
Because there are some AMAZING people out there.
They make it look so easy to make your own stuff or just pimp up a t-shirt or a pair of jeans!

here are 2 of my favorites


But be warned!
EVERYTHING that you ever could think of these girls have already done and then some!

And that right here is the problem with internet for me at the moment.

What ever you have dreamed up there is somebody out there who has already made it, took pictures and put it on the World Wide Web it seems.

I am making a promise to myself to try to keep it as authentic as I possible can. Staying true to myself and try to make the things that I come up with a bit sooner then I do at the moment.

So it´s back to the drawing board  for me and hope that I will come up with something else,

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, 8 March 2013

*Fashion Friday*

Missing pieces

This week has gone by sooooooooo quick! I can´t believe its Friday again.

And somewhere around wednesday I noticed that I completely forgot to post for 
Fashion Friday or What is she wearing!? last week.

We had a lot going on at the house this week, lots of people, lots of rain, lots of storm
and because the last 2 we were without internet for 3 long days :-(
And while not having internet my blog was full of spam comments :-(((

Here are three looks I really like!
And the fun part is that yesterday I bought the Denim Shirt, the Grey Sweater and the White Jacket.
And this are some ideas of how to rock them!
Since I not heard a single peep out of the folks and Object I turned to H&M this time ;-)
To find more details you can look here

Denim Shirt
Denim Shirt

grey sweater
Grey Sweater
White Jacket
White Jacket

The only three things that are not so easy to find are the black little clutch in the top one, the mustache ring in the middle one and the striped top in the bottom one.
All the other stuff I already have somewhere in my closet or are not that difficult to come by.

Next week when I drop of HB at the airport I will be on the look out for the missing pieces.
I make sure I have a list to not get confused and come home with something  different….

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend, may the sun shine upon you all!

XX Carol 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pinterest Moment

Today day when I was flipping through a spanish magazine called ENCASA, not reading mind you, but flipping!
 I came across this step by step picture in true Pinterest Style.
I kinda liked it so I thought I´d share it with you. 

Because I can not Pin it, 
I scanned it, cropped it and uploaded it….
What did we do before Pinterest?

The quality is a bit grainy because of the many edits it´s been through but you get the idea, right?

It´s in an Spanish magazine, and because you do not 
understand, speak or read Spanish you do not look at them. 
I am ( almost ) the same as you.
But because it´s what I see in the shops I buy them anyway. 
And then go to their website and look at the pictures which you then of course can PIN.

Maybe if you look at  ENCASA  you will find this picture and you can hit the pin button, just like that!

Or PIN this one right here….

Another route you can follow is to go to here and REPIN
( yes, I had to publish this post, pin it myself to link you to my Pinterest page and then update this post)

Or just follow me here
I love to have you over and start sharing and REPIN with you!

Now about this orange peel rose? What do you think?
I think it looks kinda cute and I will try it myself, someday, like true Pinterest Style….