Friday, 8 March 2013

*Fashion Friday*

Missing pieces

This week has gone by sooooooooo quick! I can´t believe its Friday again.

And somewhere around wednesday I noticed that I completely forgot to post for 
Fashion Friday or What is she wearing!? last week.

We had a lot going on at the house this week, lots of people, lots of rain, lots of storm
and because the last 2 we were without internet for 3 long days :-(
And while not having internet my blog was full of spam comments :-(((

Here are three looks I really like!
And the fun part is that yesterday I bought the Denim Shirt, the Grey Sweater and the White Jacket.
And this are some ideas of how to rock them!
Since I not heard a single peep out of the folks and Object I turned to H&M this time ;-)
To find more details you can look here

Denim Shirt
Denim Shirt

grey sweater
Grey Sweater
White Jacket
White Jacket

The only three things that are not so easy to find are the black little clutch in the top one, the mustache ring in the middle one and the striped top in the bottom one.
All the other stuff I already have somewhere in my closet or are not that difficult to come by.

Next week when I drop of HB at the airport I will be on the look out for the missing pieces.
I make sure I have a list to not get confused and come home with something  different….

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend, may the sun shine upon you all!

XX Carol 


  1. Love the grey sweater with the C - could also be a great inspiration for a diy project! =)

    Too bad about the spam comments. I had the same problem for a while, that's why I installed word verification even though I absolutely hate it. It sucks, really.

    Glad you're okay and the storms didn't damage anything besides the internet!


    1. I will wait a bit before installing verification but if this keeps up I will have no choice i guess :-( unfortunately something got smashed during the storm ,made me work in the garden the last couple of days, in the poring rain! But it´s about time I did something in the garden ;-)